Aging in Community


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As 78 million boomers turn 66 years old at a clip of 10,000 a day, aging is about to get better! The generation that fought for Civil Rights, rallied for women’s equality, and protested the Vietnam War has a track record of creating positive social change. Now boomers are confronting a social injustice that impacts us all, independent of gender, class, or color — ageism. One facet of this emerging Age Revolution is how and where we grow old. Because many have watched their parents struggle to stay in their family homes or saw them wither away in nursing homes — lonely, bored, and often helpless — they are determined to find a better way. In this anthology, editor Janice Blanchard brings together the perspectives of visionaries, practitioners, and pioneering elders who together are forging an exciting new paradigm of aging— aging in community.


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